What I do

I make it easier for your business to be seen online…

By sharing keyword and SEO strategies that will increase your sales.

I offer online classes for those who want to do it themselves, as well as content auditing, and do-it-for-you services.

Happy Notes
I am passionate about…

bringing your business to the people who need you.

Hi, I’m Barb!

The Visability Vixen.
helping you increase your online visability.
YOUR NEW BUSINESS best friend.

I love to see business succeed!

Each day there are 300 million searches for information, products, or services online. Eighty-seven percent of consumers begin to search for what they are looking to buy online.

Ninety percent of content created on the internet is never found. I guide you to create a plan that will get your business seen by the consumers searching for you!

Learn more about keyword research and search engine optimization with me.

All my courses are designed with you in mind. Class size is limited and dedicated Q&A sessions are offered. There are also video replays of every session.

I offer short and long-term coaching packages to help you move your business forward.

1:1 sessions allow us to target your specific needs and ensure that you fully understand how best to utilize what you learn.

Join my private online community and enjoy the support of likeminded business owners.

Each month there will be a new theme to help you learn, implement, review, and refine your business’ online presence.

Be a part of monthly coaching sessions, as well as monthly Q&A sessions to help you master the concepts shared.


Not everyone has the time or the interest to do everything themselves. I can help.

I offer web and email assistance so that you don’t have to worry about the technical side of your online business.


The secret to effective keyword usage