Epic Lashes from Younique

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and you want them to look incredible. If you are like me though, you weren’t born with naturally long and lush lashes.  I am not a fan of using glue and chemicals on my lashes. I can’t imagine sitting in a chair and having someone add lashes to me (although the results can be amazing!). Thankfully Younique has come up with a way for me to have epic lashes without much fuss!

3D fiber lashesYounique already has 3D fiber lashes.  If you haven’t tried them, they take a bit to get the hang of but well worth it in my opinion. Fiber lashes are a system of a gel application followed by small fibers that are laid on top of your lashes and sealed in with the previously mentioned gel.  It is a relatively simple process but it does take a bit of patience.

This isn’t a system that you slap on in the morning as you are running out the door. It is important to take the time to carefully coat your lashes properly so that the fiber can adhere.  You then want to make sure that you apply your fibers lightly so that they don’t look unnatural.  Finally you want a good coat to seal in all of the fibers so that they don’t fall into your eyes and irritate you during the day.  The process is relatively easy but again, you need to take your time.

If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, then you may have been avoiding Younique 3D fiber lashes and not getting the amazing length that you could have.  You don’t have to worry anymore however! You can now have epic lashes without spending a lot of time!

Moodstruck Epic MascaraYounique has just released its new Epic Mascara and epic is the perfect name!! This mascara increases lash volume but 244% without the use of fibers.  You simply put on this product the same way that you have your traditional mascara and go! Younique’s Epic Mascara also contains wax that not only provides clump free length but curls your lashes without the use of a curler.  How incredible is that?

If that still isn’t enough for you, you can use the Epic Mascara as a base and add your 3D fiber lashes on top. This gives you absolutely amazing, thick, long lashes that you can wash off with your favourite makeup remover at the end of the night.

What if you don’t want to wash off your lashes? What if you just want longer, fuller lashes that are all your’s? Younique has come up with a new product to help.  Their new Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum, will work over time to help you grow incredible lashes.

Esteem lash serumWith daily use, Younique’s new lash serum will give you 39% fuller lashes that look 29% longer in four weeks. I am one week two and am noticing that my lashes seem to look fuller.  I will keep watching and taking pictures to see for sure.  Make sure that you are part of my VIP group to see the results as we go!

As I said, August is epic and Younique is back to being Queen of the Lashes.  You can now grow out your own incredible lashes with a nourishing  lash serum.  You can get length and curl with the new Epic mascara.  Finally you can go top it all off and create an incredible frame for your amazing eyes with the addition of 3D fiber lashes.  What more could you ask for?

Well, since you asked, how about 4 new pricing bundles for these three amazing products!

totally pumpedYou can get each product individually or you can get the Moodstruck Ultimate lash trio at a 20% savings. There is Whiplash duo which gives you the Epic mascara and serum at a discounted price. The Totally Plumped duo is the 3D fiber lashes with Epic mascara, again at a savings.  Finally Younique is offering the Lash Bliss duo which consists of the new lash serum with 3D fiber lashes.

Now how is that for an absolutely incredible and EPIC August? Don’t worry, these products aren’t just here for August, they are here FOR-EVER!! Order your’s today or message me to learn how you can earn your mascara for free with your very own mascara party!



How much water do you really need to drink each day?

How much water do you need to drink

How much water do you really need?

Its summertime and water is constantly on my mind. I try to drink more water. I know that it is good for me.  As the heat depleted me though, I began to wonder, how much water do you really need to drink each day? Some people say you should drink a percentage of your body weight. Others say eight glasses per day but which is right? How much water do you really need to drink each day?

I decided to investigate and soon found that the answer if far from clear. We all know that water is important to our overall health. How much is enough? How much is too much? Here are some of the answers that I found….

Water is important for brain health as well as physical health.

Water hydrates the body.  Whether you get it from your food in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables or from a bottle or tap, water keeps the body functioning.  Too little water actually depletes your energy and reduces brain functioning. That is why you feel worn out and tired in the intense summer heat!

Water boosts metabolism.

Studies have shown that drinking 500 mL of very cold water may actually temporarily boost your metabolism and help you to burn more calories. It is felt that when you drink cold water, your body has to work harder to bring back up your body temperature and therefore burns more calories! This means that drinking water may help you to lose weight!

Drinking water reduces certain health risks

Water is also important for reducing the likelihood of becoming constipated.  It can also help to reduce your risk of developing kidney stones.  Finally, as I mentioned, water can also keep your core body temperature in range.  We know that this is very important in the summer heat.

Can you drink too much water?

Technically yes! Too much water will deplete your electrolytes and sodium levels.  This can cause headaches, vomiting, and muscle weakness.  Not to worry though because odds are very low that this will happen to you.

So how much water should you drink?

As I said, the answer is far from clear but the easiest answer is to stick to the 8×8 rule.  That means that you should drink eight ounces of chilled water eight times per day.  Whether you are using a water bottle or a big glass, you can tell that you have been  getting enough water by watching your urine output. If your urine is colourless or a pale yellow then all is good.  Your body is getting the hydration that it needs to stay alert, energized and at its peak performance!

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6 Things that you need to know about your moisturizer

6 things to know about moisturizer6 things you need to know

We all know that you are supposed to moisturize your skin. There are so many questions about how to properly use this product that I decided to do a little research. Here are six things that you need to know about your moisturizer.

Don’t delay! Did you know that freshly cleansed skin needs to be moisturized right away?

We have all felt that tightness that occurs when we wash our face and then can’t find our moisturizer or simply don’t bother to use anything else.  You must moisturizer or tone your bare skin within 60 seconds of cleansing or it will begin to dry out.

The moisturizer you use in the winter may not be suitable for the summer.

A moisturizer that is provides extra moisture in the winter may not be suitable for the your skin in a hot, humid summer.  Make sure to match your moisturizer with your needs.  Look for lighter moisturizers for the hot summer months.

A moisturizer that works for dry winter weather may not be suitable for hot humid summer weather. Look at the ingredients list on your moisturizer. It  one of the first two or three ingredients includes glycerin, lanolin, or petrolatum, it might suffocate your skin in warm months.

When do you add moisturizer in the summer months?

For many people, sunblock has become a year round necessity.  The question remains, do you add sunblock before or after your moisturizer? Does it need to go on your bare skin? Should you apply it on top of your foundation? What do you do??

The answer can be complicated.   Chemical sunscreens, which normally contain UV filters, need to be in direct contact with the skin while physical sunscreens, on the other hand, contain different ingredients and can theoretically be applied before or after your moisturizer.

I told you the answer was complex. Thankfully I also found a simple solution. The easiest way to get SPF protection for your face without worrying about when to apply is to use a moisturizer with SPF in it!  Both Younique’s Hydrating day cream and Renewing day cream each have SPF 20 to give you a base amount of protection for your day!

Don’t wear SPF to bed.

Now that you know when to wear your sunscreen, make sure that you aren’t wearing sunscreen in your moisturizer at night.  During the night, your skin can relax and regenerate.  It can’t do this if your moisturizer has an SPF barrier.

Should you moisturize your skin if its oily?

Absolutely! If you have oily skin, you still want to use a moisturize but make sure that you match your moisturizer to your skin’s needs.  Look for a moisturizer with Vitamin C, lemongrass and willow bark extract as one of the main ingredients. You don’t want to add a lot of extra oils in your moisturizer.Most importantly make sure that it doesn’t contain Mineral oil.

Final Moisturizer Tip.

It is very important for you to apply your moisturizer correctly.  Make sure that you use a light coat over all of your face and down your neck.  You don’t want to have a dried out neck and a youthful face.

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Rosewater…Why Do You Need it?

rosewater for acne and more

Have you ever wondered why you need rosewater?

I have.  I mean I love the smell of rose water.  Who doesn’t, but why do you need it?  Does it have a purpose? Yes it does! It has a lot of them in fact!!!

It works as a Body Spray.

You can simply give your body a light spray of rosewater and smell divine! It not only provides a lovely fresh scent and is a great refresher for your skin.

It can moisturize dry skin.

Not only will rosewater make your skin smell incredible, it can also be nourishing and beneficial for those with dry skin.  Use a light spritz to moisturize dry skin.

If you have rosacea or acne, you need this.

If you have problem skin, rosewater can help.  Rosewater is an anti-inflammatory agent. This means that its regular use can help to combat acne  and rosacea flare-ups.

It has anti-aging properties.

Well, this has to the best reason to use rosewater if you are over 40! Fighting wrinkles is one of my biggest challenges in life.  Fine lines appear when you least expect them but regular use of rosewater as a facial toner can help to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles.

 It can be used to set your makeup.

You have probably heard of setting sprays.  Well, a very light mist of rosewater can set your makeup and give you that youthful, dewy look!

Rosewater can be your best friend for summer.

After spending too much time in the sun, a spritz of rosewater will help soothe tender,sunburnt skin.  Remember it has moisturizing properties!

Rosewater is also great for taking the itch out of bug bites and can prevent irritation after shaving!

 It can reduce puffy eyes after a long night.

When you wake up with puffy eyes, take cotton balls soaked in rosewater and apply to your eyes for 10 minutes.  You will see a reduction in puffiness.

So, why do you need rosewater? Because it is a superpower beauty product! It reduces inflation, helps with wrinkles, balances the pH in your hair (I know I didn’t even tell you about how it helps your hair!), sets your makeup and so much more! Whether you purchase it from places like Younique or try your hand at making your own, this is definitely a must have product for any bathroom!

How to choose your lip products.

Have you ever wondered how to choose your lip products? I don’t just mean which company to buy from but how do you choose what to wear and when? There are lip balms, lip conditioners, lip glosses, lip stains, lip sticks, liquid lipsticks and there are probably more that I have never even heard of! It’s overwhelming!

First let’s talk which company to buy from.  Of course I think that you should definitely purchase Younique products because I love them but seriously, there are some important things to consider before you purchase….

  • Do they use animal testing? I would rather that they didn’t but this is for you to decide.
  • Do they use formaldehyde or other chemicals? Some companies use some nasty crap in their lip products.  Darker colours can be even more susceptible to dangerous additives. It pays to investigate before you purchase.
  • Does it contain gluten? This is not a concern for many but for more and more of us, it is becoming something to be aware of.

Once you have decided who you are going to purchase your lip product from, the next stage is figuring out what to use.  So we are back to the original question, how do you choose your lip product?  You decide if you are a sloth or a tigger.

A tigger loves to constantly apply product to their lips.  You have seen them.  They live with lip product in their hand.  They are constantly touching up and reapplying.  These women require lip conditioners or lip balms.  While lip balms and conditioners don’t wear off instantly, they are not meant for lasting cover and normally do require retouching throughout the day.  Once again, a more quality product will definitely last longer than one of lesser quality.


A sloth is a woman like me.  We are lazy.  We love lip colour but seriously hate reapplying. It is an effort to touch up our lips before we go out for the night.  We just want to put on a product once and call it done.  Lip stains and liquid lipsticks seem to work the best for us.

lip stain

Now not every woman will easily fit into those two categories and sometimes even sloths want to change it up a little! So what about the other lip products?

There are basically five main types of lip products as I said. Lip conditioners/balms like Younique Lip Bonbons, lip gloss, lip stick, lip stains and the latest product, the liquid lipstick.  All of them have their pros and cons.  All of them are great with a quality lip liner to help them along but that is a topic for another time!

Lip conditioners are just that, products that work to condition your lips.  They are perfect in the winter for dry, chapped lips.  I like to wear them to bed to help moisturize my lips while I sleep.  Lip conditioners are also great in the summer when dry winds and harsh UV rays can equally play havoc on our lips. Tinted lip conditioners are also perfect for casual looks and everyday wear.

red velvet cake bonbon

Lip gloss has come a long way from the days of “Kissing Potions”.  A quality gloss like the Younique Lucrative Lip glosses are non-greasy with lasting colour!  These glosses are perfect on their own or as a top coat to virtually any lip product that you want to use. In my experience, a lipgloss will need to be touched up a couple of times per day.  You will want to add a little extra after a meal and before going out for the evening.

Next we come to the traditional lipstick.  They are versatile and have been around for-ev-er! There is a reason for this…they are pretty awesome! They come in an incredible array of colours.  The Younique Opulence line has recently expanded to 20 amazing colours! In other words, there is a shade to fit every outfit, every skin tone and every mood.  Like a gloss, they will need to be re-applied after meals.

lip stick

Lipstains are just as the name implies…colour that is stained into your lips.  I have used lipstains for years but the downside with many is that they were traditionally very drying and required a top coat.  I don’t find that with the Younique Stiff Upper Lip Lipstains.  They are very different from many stains in that, well it’s like staining your deck but for your lips.  This is liquid that goes on like water.  It took me a time or two to get used to them but the colour lasts!  You will probably want to touch up your stain before you go out for the evening .  Other than that, your colour will still be there looking back at you.



The very best part of a lipstain, besides the fact that you don’t have to touch it up very often, is that there is very little transfer. You can kiss all the babies that you want and they won’t have pink cheeks.  You can plant a juicy one on your partner and there will be no tell-tale evidence! The colour stays on your lips only! The downside, you coffee cup or wine glass will no longer be marked with your shade.  You will have to look at an alternate way to keep track of your beverage if you are wearing a lipstain.

Finally we come to a product that I think is the ultimate product for a sloth.  Liquid lipsticks like Younique Splash lipsticks are long-lasting.  You will probably have to remove it before you go to bed.  The colour will still be quite robust.  Your lips will not feel dry with this lip product.  You will know that you have colour on your lips and just like traditional lipstick, you will leave evidence of your presence.  That part bothers me a little bit. I hate seeing burgundy evidence on tiny cheeks but once again, the sloth in me loves having awesome colour all day long! Younique liquid lipsticks come in an awesome array of colours that I really.  Most days, I find myself  wearing my soulful or sensual liquid lipsticks and have to remember that I do have other colours and other products that can be worn!

liquid lipstick

To recap, how do you choose your lip product? You choose the product that fits your lifestyle.  You can never go wrong with a little gloss to brighten your day but if you are experiencing chapped lips why not use instead add a colour lip conditioner instead? If you love color but hate applying it then definitely check out stains or liquid lipsticks. If you just love a lot of colour, you can never go wrong with a quality lipstick.  They have great variety and feel awesome on your lips!

If you would like more information on any of these products, feel free to contact me! I can give further tell you about my experiences or help you find your favourite shade!

Why I am throwing out my traditional foundation brush

You know that you are supposed to use a brush to apply your liquid foundation right? Fingers have germs and those germs love to hang out in your cosmetic bottles just waiting to help you have breakouts and unhealthy skin.  For years, we have instead used sponges or invested in traditional liquid foundation brushes.

blending budsI started out with sponges. They worked well enough, but somewhere along the way  I read that I should invest in a good liquid foundation brush. I decided that I was a big girl now and should invest in big girl tools! I then did what any average woman does–I went to Walmart.  Scouring the aisles, I found their most expensive liquid foundation brushes and made my purchase.  They were right, a good brush does last.  I used that brush for quite a few years but I did find that it got kind of greasy build up. Was it really a quality brush I wondered?

After selling Younique for a period of time, I decided to begin investing in truly quality brushes.  Don’t get me wrong, this was an investment. A traditional foundation brush from Younique was then $24 CAD.  This was more than twice what I had paid at Walmart. I had my Y-cash and half-priced items to use to from other purchases and sales so I felt justified in making the investment.

foundation brushThe new foundation brush worked well.  I made sure to wash it weekly with baby shampoo to help keep out bacteria and minimize product build up.  While I was feeling proud of myself for having this fancy new brush, Younique women realized that there was a better brush out there for liquid foundation. It was the Younique powder puff brush and it was selling like hotcakes!

puff brushThis is a fluffy brush.  Women were putting drops of foundation on the brush and blending it into their face.  It was definitely easier to mix colors this way. You know, a bit of your summer shade mixed in with your winter colour in the spring when you start to get a slight tan. It blended your foundation in really well. Once again I was behind the times.

In my own defense though I  wasn’t really sold on this super brush.  I worried about how much product seeped down into the brush.  Were you wasting product? I don’t do waste.  Some women put the liquid foundation on the back of their hands and then dabbed the brush into the product–no waste that way.

I still was not completely convinced on a puffy brush for a liquid so I kept going with my traditional liquid foundation brush.

Liquid Foundation BrushAbout a year ago, Younique came out with a new brush.  It was designed specifically for liquid foundation.  It had a cute little hole in the center.  Many ladies filled the center with product and found that they were using too much. The moral of the story was quickly pointed out– Do not fill the center.  If you want to put product on your brush, the idea was to put in on the outside circle of the brush–around that cute hole but not in it.

Again, I had women who purchased this brush.  Over time, I became curious.  I had more Y-cash and I had a tonne of half-priced items.  That decided it–I would invest in another brush! The new liquid foundation brush was added to my tool kit.

This brush  was different. There was no more “painting” foundation on my face like I did with my traditional foundation brush.  I now had a circle to paint with.  It was a bit more like stippling my face.  I still put product on the back of my hand and then dipped my new brush into my foundation or BB cream. This new brush seemed pretty neat.  I was feeling pretty good about the change.

Recently I learned something that has completely rocked my world!  Did you know that you should buff in your foundation?  Buff in your foundation. Who has ever heard of such a thing????  Foundation shouldn’t just be painted–or stippled on.  Foundation needed to be worked into your skin??

Have you ever looked at your face and thought…”Man! That foundation looks cakey! I can see every crease and line.  This sucks!!!”

Well, you may have a crappy product on your face or you may not have properly buffed in the product!  Liquid foundation and other face products shouldn’t be just sitting on your face chilling out and accenting every pore and crease.  Products like these need to be buffed down into your skin so that they blur those pores and lines!

The liquid foundation brush is round with short bristles.  In other words, it is perfect for buffing into your skin unlike a traditional foundation brush!!! Be gentle around your eyes however.  Do not buff in your product as if you are shining your floors or getting the wax into your car’s paint.  Gently swirl the product into your skin.  When you allow the products to get into your skin, they can do their job of evening skin tones and blurring imperfections!

What a game changer! My traditional foundation brush is now looking for a new job.  My new liquid foundation brush is properly doing the job that it was designed for.  I am so happy!

You are never too old to learn! In the words of Michelangelo…”I am still learning”.  I hope you will join me back here again as I share more of what I have learned about beauty, life and other stuff! 

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